Handmade Clothing - Turquoisethestore

Welcome to the beautiful world of Turquoise ‘the store’ – a lovingly created lifestyle collection of Indian-inspired, artisanal Fabrics and Clothing for women,men and children.

Each one of the Turquoise ‘the store’ prints is hand carved onto a wooden block. Block printed textiles reflect the touch of human hands, sensibility and skill of the craftsmen.

Turquoise ‘the store’ has inhaled this heavenly inspiration and thoughtfully brought the creation to life with alluring, feminine pieces, created in India, with an astute design focus on the Indian aesthetic.

Our products are made from exquisite natural fabrics such as hand spun & hand woven cotton and linen naturally dyed, skillfully designed and made to be loved for years.

Traditional skills such as hand block printing and hand embroidery are at the heart of Turquoise ‘the store’ - these ancient skills are simply too precious to relinquish. We are proud to work with, and to support, some of the best artisans in Gujarat through Turquoise ‘the store’. We are humbled to be in a position where we can enable local communities to remain together, continuing the trades they have evolved over centuries.

We celebrate the uniqueness of every beautiful piece we create. Each and every piece is meticulously designed and artfully created by craftsmen who are masters of their trade. We pride ourselves on considering all the angles, from fit to fabric, to those special touches that elevate a piece and will seduce you into keeping them forever close.