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Cork yoga mat

Cork yoga mat

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Cork yoga mat is made using natural cork and natural rubber. Mat is ideal for yoga studios and home practice as they offer the best grip and are easy to maintain and clean. If you are looking for a yoga companion the Cork yoga mat is for you.The surface of Cork mat is textured. The best way to enhance your mat experience is to practice more and roll the mat both ways so the mat lays flat. Made of premium cork and natural rubber the mat offers great grip during yoga practice to reduce injuries while sweating. 

  • Unmatched Grip during sweaty practice
  • Non-Slip – Doesn’t slide on the floor
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Washable and no smell
  • Eco-Friendly and easily recyclable

Care instructions:

  • Do not fold or crease your cork yoga mat.
  • Easy to clean surface: roll out flat and wipe down the surface with warm water with soap, a standard cleaning spray can also be used. Leave out until the surface is dry, then roll up as usual.
  • Always roll cork side out, rubber side in.  Never roll cork side in.

72 inches x 24 inches

Thickness: 3 mm

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